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Health Check

Taking Care

A few steps can be taken to keep a check on your health and to ensure that you identify potential symptoms and manage your health well up to and during the diagnosis stage:-

  • Eat a good varied diet of mainly non processed whole foods

  • Take a good multi vitamin including iron

  • Take regular exercise

  • Try to maintain a healthy weight

  • Try and get at least eight hours sleep each night

  • Keep a diary, noting any changes in menstrual cycle, migraines, insomnia etc

  • If you feel tired

  • If you feel fuzzy and forgetful most of the month (not just for a few days per month)

  • If you find your sleep pattern is disturbed

  • If you feel hot flashes/night sweats

  • If you regularly feel run down despite having a good healthy balanced diet and plenty of rest/sleep

  • If you notice more hair than usual falls out when washing and brushing

  • During your periods you experience clots

  • you notice your menstrual cycle is becoming more irregular and/or irratic

  • If you feel breathless even on walking or gentle exercise: -

Visit your medical health practitioner and arrange to have some basic blood tests to check your:-

  • Iron

  • Haemoglobin and

  • Estrogen levels

If your symptoms persist, ask to be referred to and see a gynaecologist. If you are unhappy with your general practitioner or gynaecologist's opinion, get a second opinion.

Finally, NEVER ignore ANY symptoms.

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