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The Year On Year Adenomyosis Study

The Adenomyosis Advice Association regularly monitors current research and published data relating to the causes of adenomyosis.

Since so little is known about the cause of this condition, the association will be carrying out research. Short questionnaires are sent to the participants to complete and return. Participants are welcome from every country. The questionnaire details aspects of daily life and the participants' general health and wellbeing. Each form will be completed anonymously, with only the approximate location of the participant recorded.

Thereafter, participants will be invited to report back to complete a follow-up quesionnaire. The plan is to accumulate an ongoing 'story' of adenomyosis, and to see whether surgery, medication and other treatments are/were indeed useful and helpful to those living with the condition. Details will then be published on YouTube showing the findings of the study on this website.

It is hoped this data will then inspire further medical research and development into the causes and treatments, and ultimately help develop a better pathway of care and a standard recognised management process for adenomyosis.

If you would like to be included in this groundbreaking research or wish to assist in any way, please email:

Thank you.

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